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Morgan Watt and Donzi

Morgan Watt: Why the Unspoken Matters

About Morgan Watt
Speaker | Facilitator | Advocate

Morgan Watt has leveraged his diverse experiences to make a positive impact as an instructor pilot, offshore fishing captain, and ultimately sharing what gives him hope living a life with invisible wounds. 

As a K9 explosive detection team and security forces first responder in the U.S. Air Force, instant reaction and hyper vigilance were normal.  Later as a civilian pilot, Morgan’s hyper-awareness served him well. But when debilitating migraines and balance issues ended that career, anxiety and depression triggered underlying PTSD from years of stress and chronic pain. 

His desire to understand his own conditions led him to Springfield College at the age of 42, where he completed his degree with an emphasis on mental health counseling.  Becoming purpose driven rather than career driven, Morgan publicly shares his pivotal story on stage with a black Labrador named Donzi who is a Service Dog from Southeastern Guide Dogs.

Morgan’s Talk: Why the Unspoken Matters

Life is full of surprises. Morgan Watt says he never understood the human condition until he no longer defined himself by career and education.  Invisible wounds nearly killed him until he began living vicariously through the eyes of a service dog.  A strong, multifaceted support network and a willingness to question everything he thought he knew about being human has been the most humbling and rewarding experience of Morgan’s life. 

His service dog Donzi leads each day with the purest form of unconditional love.  A love that simply isn’t human, but that we can all learn from.  The purest form of human love that Morgan experiences comes from his soulmate, Amber, and his two boys Jonathan and James.  

Morgan is building a movement of critical thinkers dedicated to a life of authenticity.

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“Emerging into a life of authenticity is true freedom.”
Morgan Watt