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Samantha Kaaua

Samantha Kaaua: Why Marriage Therapy Fails

About Samantha Kaaua
Marriage Coach | Speaker | Author

Samantha is a professional keynote speaker, author, and esteemed marriage coach recognized for her counter-culture approach to transforming relationships. As the founder of The GEMMS® with Samantha and the creator of the Inner Mosaic® method, she is a beacon for individuals yearning to break through negative family patterns and lay the foundations for loving and trusting relationships.

Samantha’s work has been showcased on major media outlets, including FOX, NBC, and CBS, and in numerous international publications. She is also the co-creator and co-host of the global Clarity Confidence Connection Summit. Samantha lives in Oahu, Hawaii, with her husband and three daughters.

Samantha’s Talk: Why Marriage Therapy Doesn’t Work

Samantha challenges the traditional paradigms of trust and therapy in relationships. Drawing from a pivotal personal revelation, Samantha shares an intimate moment of clarity: the realization that trust in a relationship begins not with the other, but within oneself.

This insight serves as the foundation for her argument that the conventional goal of marriage therapy—to build trust between partners—is misplaced. Instead, Samantha proposes that true relational transformation is impossible without first cultivating a deep sense of self-trust.