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Deanna Simonson

Deanna Simonson: Preventing Youth Suicide

About Deanna Simonson
Mother | Speaker | Coach

Deanna Simonson is a wife and mother of ten children.  She is deeply passionate about helping parents create strong relationships and memories with their loved ones.

Working with teenagers and the mental health crisis has been especially important to her.

She is an expert in life coaching strategies, Love and Logic parenting methods and speaking.  Deanna has served a wide variety of clients including Target, Lifetime Fitness, Scottsdale Shea Hospital, MOPS, church camps, and individuals and tailors each session to meet their needs.  Deanna gives you the tools to take your life, personal relationships, and family to a whole new level of fulfillment.

Deanna’s Talk: How Parenting is the First Line of Defense in Youth Suicide

Parenting – the first line of defense in youth suicide. Adolescent suicide has increased 48% in the last decade. Our kids are turning to their peers with their challenges in life and thoughts of suicide and depression.

We need to re-establish the relationship with our children so they feel, seen, heard and loved. We need them communicating with us and that we can help them navigate through their challenges so they don’t need to turn to suicide to end the pain they are in.

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