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Krishnni Khanna

Krishnni Khanna: How does a lie become true?

About Krishnni Khanna
Student | Speaker | Author

Krishnni Khanna is a high school junior, speaker, and author. In elementary school, Krishnni was subjected to alienation by her peers due to being an immigrant from India. It took her more than three years to discern the impact of her daunting circumstances. Her experiences emphasized the value of having a safe space to cope and heal, which led Krishnni to create “Detoximind” in 2022.

Detoximind is a student-led movement, whereby Krishnni and her team bring peer-based support to tweens, teens and youth grappling with stress, exclusion and isolation. Detoximind is currently operating in four countries, and Krishnni is aiming at scaling it globally. Meanwhile she has also authored her first book called “I am not who you see” that is due for release in mid 2024. Krishnni currently resides in Austin, Texas with her parents and dog, Yuki.

Krishnni’s Talk: How does a lie become true?

Repeat misleading statements enough times, and it can become your truth. In this talk, Krishnni Khanna will reveal why and how repetition has the power to manipulate one’s mind. The talk will include citations from her life experiences as well from moments in history, research, and present events. She will highlight how the repetition of false statements can detrimentally alter self-beliefs and world views of individuals, communities and nations. The talk will end with discussing pitfalls to avoid falling prey to this phenomenon.

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