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Curt Thomas

Curt Thomas: Sustaining Change 101

About Curt Thomas
Doctoral Student | Air Force Officer | Author

Meet Curt Thomas, a transformative leader whose journey from failing 9th grade has evolved into over 23 years of diverse leadership and management experience. A devoted full-time single parent, Curt’s diverse background spans from being an active duty enlisted airman in the Air Force, a former state trooper in South Carolina, a corporate account manager, and his current role as a medical officer in the Air Force Reserve.

With a Bachelor’s in Sociology from Claflin University, a Master’s in Leadership from The Citadel: The Military College of South Carolina, and currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Healthcare Administration at Trevecca Nazarene University, Curt seamlessly blends academic excellence with a wealth of real-world experiences. Whether drawing from his military, law enforcement, or academic background, Curt is committed to making a meaningful impact and shaping a brighter future.

Curt’s Talk: Bold Leaps, Positive Change

The narrative follows the life of a 42-year-old individual, recounting a series of setbacks and attempts at self-improvement. After a tumultuous journey involving two marriages, a career in the Air Force and law enforcement, and personal losses, the protagonist finds himself in a moment of despair when he cannot afford a simple soda pop for his son. This low point becomes a catalyst for transformative decisions, fueled by a deep love for his children. 

Motivated to break free from the cycle of setbacks, he takes a minimum-wage job two hours away and, unexpectedly, receives an offer from a Fortune 500 company. This pivotal moment opens doors, allowing him to provide a stable home for his son, re-enter the Air Force Reserve as an officer, complete graduate school, and pursue a Doctoral Degree in Healthcare Administration. The story serves as a testament to the power of love and transformative decisions in overcoming life’s challenges and achieving unexpected heights. The protagonist encourages those feeling stuck to take bold leaps of faith with love, determination, and adaptability, emphasizing that positive change is possible even in the face of adversity.

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