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Zach Arend

Zach Arend: Saddle Your Own Horse

About Zach Arend
Ex-Bronc Rider | Speaker | Coach

As a former 2x saddle bronc riding champion, Zach transformed the lessons he learned in the rodeo arena into a successful 20-year career in corporate and entrepreneurial leadership roles building teams, developing leaders, and helping companies to thrive.

Today he’s a professionally trained storyteller and speaker who also coaches creatives, executives, entrepreneurs and visionary business owners on the Wild Ride of Resonant Creative Leadership™. His unique abilities to see people’s greatness with intuitive insight and to guide them with straight-talking truth inspires leaders to achieve their visions and re-engage with the lost art of leadership.

Zach lives in Kansas City, MO with his wife Shandy and their three beautiful daughters, Claire, Sophie, and Thea and even though he’s given up bronc riding, you’ll still find him wearing cowboy boots.

Zach’s Talk: Saddle Your Own Horse: A Modern Leadership Solution

We’re living in a time of unprecedented burnout with eight out of ten people feeling overwhelmed and emotionally exhausted. For organizations to thrive at this time, we must adopt a new idea: “Saddle Your Own Horse.” Let’s create environments based on autonomy and personal responsibility, where individuals feel the full weight of their responsibility, because, throughout history, that’s when we’re at our best and everyone wins.

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