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Eric Hodgdon

Eric Hodgdon: Grief’s Turning Point

About Eric Hodgdon
Coach | Author | TEDx Speaker

Eric Hodgdon, a passionate advocate for those dealing with loss, deeply understands the grief process. His life changed in 2014 when his daughter, Zoi, sadly took her life at 15. Rejecting the idea that surviving grief was the end goal, Eric sought to change how we support the grieving. For over a decade, Eric has been a transformative figure in grief support, helping thousands through coaching and training to move beyond mental barriers and cope with their loss.

In 2018, Eric’s ideas reached a wider audience through a TEDx talk in Youngstown and his Amazon bestseller, “A Sherpa Named Zoi.” Today, he offers personalized coaching, helping clients to not just survive, but thrive after losing a loved one.

Eric’s Talk: Breakthrough Moments: Grief’s Turning Point

Zoi’s dad, Eric Hodgdon will delve into the profound and transformative power of breakthrough moments in the grieving process. Drawing from his own deeply personal journey of loss, particularly the tragic passing of his 15-year-old daughter, Zoi, Eric will share insights, reflections, and practical strategies for recognizing and inducing breakthrough moments.

Through poignant anecdotes and introspective analysis, he will illuminate how breakthrough moments can serve as turning points, offering pathways out of the darkness of grief towards healing, resilience, and renewed connection with lost loved ones.

Eric will highlight key breakthroughs from his own experience, demonstrating how it’s possible to hold onto love while releasing the grip of pain, how individuals can actively influence and create their own breakthrough moments, and how the discovery of inner strength can fuel the journey forward.

By sharing his story and offering actionable advice, Eric aims to empower the audience to not only recognize the potential for breakthrough moments in their own lives but also to actively cultivate them. His talk will challenge listeners to embrace agency, resilience, and hope, inspiring them to embark on their own paths towards healing and growth.

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