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Molly Spearman

Molly Spearman: Why Tabletalk Matters

About Molly Spearman
Hopeful | Convener | Change-agent

The legacy of hard work, public service, family and faith has shaped Molly Spearman’s life and career.  She has loved every job she’s had…music teacher, legislator, lobbyist, non-profit director, and State Superintendent of Education for South Carolina.  She says, “The best job I’ve ever had is always the one right now “, Currently, that is spreading values-based leadership lessons for students and adults across the US as Ambassador for the Maxwell Leadership Foundation. Her mission is to positively transform our future by challenging adults and young people to focus on the things that really matter and to talk around the table.

She has been married to Bill for 47 years, has two grown children and two precious granddaughters.  They split their time on the family farm in South Carolina and near the grands in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Molly’s Talk: Why Talking Around the Table Matters

Simple conversations about things that matter create legacies that impact the future for decades.  Molly will share a story her dad told over fifty years ago and how it is still shaping her decisions today. Could we really improve the status of our society by just talking at the table? 

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