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Kassi Kincaid

Kassi Kincaid: Create local, go global

About Kassi Kincaid
Speaker | Entrepreneur | Innovator

Kassi Kincaid, the visionary behind Book Days, spearheads a groundbreaking children’s literacy program that breathes life into books. Recognizing the transformative power of reading on young minds, she recognized that embracing creativity was pivotal in creating a meaningful impact. Through her openness to change, she is forging a global legacy that has already touched countless lives.

Finding herself unexpectedly becoming an agent of change, Kassi discovered that her creative journey has become an inspiration to adults in otherwise stagnant careers. Consequently, Kassi is on a mission to help people bring creative fire to their careers. She believes everyone is creative and can make a unique impact on the world!

Kassi’s Talk: Create local, go global

Illiteracy continues to be a global problem.  Research indicates that children who fail to attain proficiency in reading by the age of ten will experience significant repercussions in both their individual lives and broader society.  Kassi began her career as a school administrator, and has gone on to develop a ground-breaking initiative called “Book Days” that breaks through literacy challenges experienced by young children. 

And now, she’s scaling it up to reach thousands more kids, both nationally and globally. Thanks to this experience, Kassi believes that every individual possesses the capacity to effect similar positive change, and aims to inspire everyone to unleash their natural creativity to solve global problems, regardless of their background or job.

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