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Joe Weston

Joe Weston: A Cure for Chronic Niceness

About Joe Weston
Author | Facilitator | Catalyst

Raised in a volatile environment where problems were resolved with fighting, Joe Weston set out to understand the roots of conflict and find ways to safely address it. With a 30+ year career in conflict prevention and communication, Joe has devoted his life to creating pathways to make lasting peace a reality.

Founder of The Weston Network, Joe is a sought-after facilitator and lecturer for individuals, corporations, government agencies and nonprofits, fostering cultures of respect, civility and mutual empowerment. Joe’s nonprofit Fierce Civility Project aims to “un-divide the world” through transformational tools/strategies that help build a more unified society. 

Joe’s compelling style and caring heart have earned him worldwide stature as an effective advisor of great substance, conveying a message of fierce hope to clients like NASA, World Bank, the UN and PBS. Joe’s methods are elaborated on in his books: Mastering Respectful Confrontation and the Amazon bestseller Fierce Civility.

Joe’s Talk: A Cure for Chronic Niceness

With the global uncertainty and anxiety, the increased influence of the internet and social media, and the residual trauma response from recent global events, the world seems to have gone mad. We can’t seem to stop the extreme polarized, volatile and cynical ways in which we treat one another. Our current ways of problem-solving and engaging are not only failing, they are clearly creating more separation. In our heart of hearts, we know the course we’re on has to change so that we can find our way back to one another. But how?

Joe Weston, international conflict prevention and communications specialist, believes it is possible to break the gridlock of stagnant polarization, overcome arguments and fights, get back to hope and initiate the emergence of new solutions to our current problems. How we talk matters. And while many communication models offer powerful ways to deal with or overcome the aggression, Joe asserts that we won’t see any lasting change until we also address a much-forgotten part of the equation – our deep-seated attachment to “Chronic Niceness”.

In his talk, Joe will explain what Chronic Niceness is and how it causes harm, and then offer an alternative to Chronic Niceness – Fierce Civility. He provides simple yet effective tools and strategies to overcome this chronic pattern in order to empower more of us to courageously create a hopeful vision for a better future free from Chronic Niceness and aggressive habits, and filled with what Joe calls “catalysts of fierce hope”.

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