Tim Adams shows us how to perform beyond what we think is possible

Tim Adams helps make the best better. He is an international authority on developing,
enhancing, and sustaining human and sports performance through Integrated

Tim is driven to inspire and help others perform beyond what they currently understand
to be possible by taking a thorough, integrated, data-driven, and scientific approach to
enhancing one’s potential. Tim has the unique ability to identify the one thing, that
when addressed, creates the biggest impact on an individual’s performance today.

Tim is an author, international speaker, professional coach, and the creator of the Eleven
Minute RoutineTM, Energy on DemandTM, and the Mastery MethodTM. He has personally
helped facilitate the performances of Olympic medalists, Super Bowl Champions, NFL
Pro Bowlers, Super Bowl MVPs, NHL All-Stars, NHL Stanley Cup Champions, X-Game
Champions, Heisman Trophy Winners, Collegiate All-Americans, Entertainers, Armed
Forces Elite and Business executives. In each case, Tim’s focus is on helping each client
become better performers, stronger leaders, and increase their longevity so they can
choose how long they want to have a greater impact on global transformation.

Tim began his coaching career as a student coach at the United States Air Force
Academy in 1988. He returned to his alma mater in 1994 as an assistant strength and
conditioning coach and professor. After leaving the military he became a member of
the Denver Broncos strength and conditioning staff in 1999. In 2003, he became the
Strength and Conditioning Coordinator for the Oakland Raiders. After several years of
working with private clients, he had the opportunity to become the Strength and
Conditioning Coach for the National Hockey League’s Los Angeles Kings in 2009.

Tim received his Bachelor of Science from the Air Force Academy in 1991. He went on
to get his Masters in Business Administration from Wright State University in 1996 and
also received a Masters of Science in Exercise Science from the University of Colorado in
Colorado Springs in 1998. He has studied under the top results-producing coaches,
therapists, scientists, researchers, executives, and entrepreneurs in the world. With
over 30 years of experience in the performance industry, Tim recently created the
Mastery Method for high achievers looking to grow beyond what’s considered possible.

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