Road to the Red Circle

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Speaker Application

We are thrilled about your decision to to Audition for TEDxYoungstown 2019! Please read all instructions and complete the application below to be considered for this world class event.


Step 1: Prepare

Review the terms and conditions and Watch the video “Road to the TEDxYoungstown Red Circle” 

Step 2: Topic Proposal

Keep in mind the theme “What’s Next?” and prepare a 1-2 minute description of your topic idea

Step 3: Video Audition

Record your topic proposal using your phone, then upload to YouTube or Vimeo, keeping the link handy

Step 4: Complete Application

Complete the application below, paste the link to your video in the space provided and submit

Speaker Application

Please read instructions and Agreement Notice before completing application.

I watched the video "Road to TEDxYoungstown" in it's entirety.
I fully read and understand the "2019 TEDxYoungstown Speaker Agreement Notice" as displayed on the TEDxYoungstown Application Webpage.

Contact Information

Please enter your FULL name, as you would like it to appear in all publicity.
What is your profession?
Street Address
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Online Presence

Copy and paste link to your 1-2 minute audition video.