Katy Mumaw

Katy Mumaw – Why the Corporate World gets Learning Wrong

Katy Mumaw – TDx Youngstown 2022

Katy Mumaw is a lifelong student of learning and development strategies. She has a passion for building and sustaining corporate cultures. For more than 15 years she has been studying and practicing communication skills, educational resource development, and strategizing methods within sales and marketing. She has a passion for helping people learn and find their infinite potential. 

Today, she serves Compco as the Corporate Director of Sales and Marketing. She assists Compco in strategic planning and managing the sales process. Katy is the director of a local junior leadership program and speaks to many groups on learning, corporate culture and leadership development.

She worked for the National FFA Organization for nine years where she developed a leadership curriculum and served as the senior content writer. 

Katy holds a bachelor’s from The Ohio State University and masters in agricultural leadership from Oklahoma State University. Katy and her husband, Jonny, have three children and reside in Beloit, Ohio. 

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