Joselyn Parker advocates for recognizing Black LGBTQ Students in school

Joselyn Parker is an activist, an artist, a business owner and educator, and a published scholar.

She is the founder and CEO of a non-profit agency SPEAK Project Ohio. The organization’s mission is to advocate for the youth by promoting holistic health to youth and families through crisis support and youth development services. The motivation to develop an agency of its caliber stemmed from Parker’s unique vision of youth empowerment. With more than a decade of leadership experience in executive youth development positions, her ability to seamlessly translate the needs of young people into engaging and impactful programming has earned her a reputation as an innovative thought leader in her industry. She also co-owns JCL Top Quality Carrier, LLC a truck logistics company that provides freight delivery services nationally.

Parker is currently a 3rd-year doctorate student at The Ohio State University where she
is studying Multicultural and Equity Studies, as well as serving as a collegiate instructor
for the Equity & Diversity in Education course in the College of Education and Human Ecology. Parker’s work seeks to expose the unique needs of underrepresented students in schools and uses tenets of social justice to foreground why she believes there must be a complete disruption and dismantling of anti-Blackness and heteronormativity in educational systems.

Parker offers a distinct voice of her generation and she truly believes that work and passions
should be aligned. Her personal and professional missions both are to create a
more inclusive and accepting world, and as a champion for communities of color, she
consistently works to create systematic changes that advance opportunities for Black
youth and more specifically Black queer youth.

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