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The Change agent our Community Needs

Imagine the best possible future for the greater Youngstown/Warren area. What do you see? Economic prosperity? Technological innovation? Healthier, happier and more personally fulfilled family members and friends?

Can you see it?

Now, let’s make it a reality.

TEDxYoungstown… the change-agent our community needs… and deserves. Thought-leaders from all over the region, country and world share with us their powerful perspectives and provoking ideas.

New concepts have incredible potential. Small adjustments in attitudes and habits snowball into real-life changes and, eventually, our Valley is transformed for the better.

Be part of the transformation. Let’s listen, learn and create the community we all envision… together.


2023 Speakers

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Watch amazing speakers from around the world, whom graced the TEDxYoungstown stage with their presence, insights, vision, ideas, and talents.