Carol Bennett

Carol Bennett – Unleash your Voice! Unleash your Power!

Originally from Indianapolis, Indiana Carol Bennett grew up in a working-class family that embraced education.  Her career has taken her to four states and four different institutions. Carol is a mentor, educator, and administrator.  She has worked in higher education for over 20 years. Starting in student services and student affairs, Carol has used every opportunity to learn and grow. In 2014, she served as Truman State University’s assistant Dean for diversity and inclusion. While at TSU, she crafted spaces where under resourced and students could thrive.   At Youngstown State University serves as an assistant provost, overseeing the university’s equity and inclusion mission and goals, facilitates a campus culture that embraces and respects human differences across all aspects of diversity, and cultivate a climate of mutual respect and acceptance.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in Africana Studies from Martin University, a master’s degree in African American Studies from Indiana University, and she is nearing completion of an EdD in Educational Leadership and Policy from the University of Missouri. Carol shares her collegiate experience of being a below average student to a student who graduated with honors and completing an advanced degree, in the hopes that she will inspire those who feel as If they have lost hope in the educational system.  Carol has one adult son and in her leisure time she enjoys thread crafts, painting, gardening and visiting museums.  

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