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Ayana Symone

Ayana Symone: Healing from Past Pain

About Ayana Symone
Author | Blogger | Communicator

At twenty-three years old, Ayana Symone is an author, a blogger, and the host of the growing “To Be Heard” Podcast show. In 2018, she self-published her first novel, titled, How I Fell in Love with Myself and self-published her second novel, titled, My Name is Anxiety in 2022. She keeps in touch with her readers on her website at ayanasymone.com via monthly blog posts, weekly newsletters, and video blogs throughout the summer. As she continues to pursue a career in communication, she aims to bring relevant messages of hope & self-esteem to you & others around the world.

Ayana’s Talk: Social Wounds: Healing from Past Pain

Childhood memories, which can be pleasant or painful, often impacts us in our daily lives. As unhealed childhoods produce painful adulthoods, confronting childhood wounds is worth the journey. To experience true, transformative growth in the future, one must face the pain of the past. In this TEDx talk, you will be shown how a free, fruitful, and abundant life is possible.

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