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September 7th

It Costs More to Care Less

Exposing our declining lack of empathy for the world, Derrick shows us the true costs to this trend, and how it actually hurts people closest to us.

Our Relationship with Motivation

Observation of generations of self-motivated individuals gives Joe unique insight in to how our relationship with motivation is killing our personal success.

JoeMoss II

Exercise Scientist


Director of Bands

Work Ethic

Tom demonstrates how his students get more real-world performance practice than most others and how this will translate in to their ability learn anything. 

Three Terrains of Change
Will Transform You

Lolita takes you on a journey through the “three terrains of change” that will propel you beyond where you are today, no matter the circumstance. 


Change Champion



Sharing Our Stories around
Suicide & Trauma

Mariangela explores how sharing stories can help us learn to heal ourselves and create safe spaces, even when faced with trauma or mental illness.

Building A Dynasty

We desire greatness, yet few take the journey to actually achieve it.  Molly dedicates her life to others’ desire for greatness  and explains the process of building a dynasty. 


Dynasty Builder


Awareness Maven

To develop emotional intelligence,
we must encourage children to draw

What if we could provide children with a tool to express difficult feelings and increase emotional intelligence early on?  Manav has a profoundly simple solution.

Sound Ethics: Finding
your most authentic voice

Uncover your most authentic sound with Daniel, by looking at four aspects of voice discovery which align with the four main parts of the vocal process. 


Voice Expert



How to prevent life
from robbing your joy…

Polo explains how to  transcend tragedy in order to find your passion, purpose, and sustainable joy… all while making a positive impact on others.

Epigenetics: You Can Teach
Your Genes How to Behave

We can powerfully influence our gene expression. Dr. Ann shares  practical, basic rules which will help you change the trajectory of your health.


Functional Med




Mo demonstrates navigation beyond struggles, self-doubt and naysayers and leads you on a journey of finding and fighting for your life’s centerlines.

The Version Centered

RJ shares his view on how to build toward progress of oneself and community, and that both must be versions centered on the comfort in constant uncertainty. 


Design Professor



Utilizing dungeons and dragons
to play your way into wellness

Discover with Chrissy how role playing games can create internal wellness and a safe space to form communities, practice social skills, and increase emotional wellness.

The best way you can serve
humanity is by writing a book

So you want to write a book? On a mission to help 1000k people publish their first book, Chandler challenges you to take the plunge. Are you up for it?

The future of global society will rely
on design decisions we make today

Johannes speaks to the need to treat people as people, not numbers, within the world of technology and design. 

The Perils of Executive Travel

John speaks about the dangers of travel for executives, salespeople and marketing professionals and how they can be properly equipped to thrive on the road.


Exec Health Coach

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